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In the Southeast region of Italy, the hilltop city of Benevento majestically hovers above the convergence of the Sabato and Calore Irpino rivers. Situated approximately 50 kilometers northeast of Naples in the region of Campania with a stunning, panoramic view of the valley below, Benevento emerges as the culinary ground zero for the celebrated Suppa family. 

It was the convergence of six main roads which brought many to this region. Enhanced by the awe-inspiring architecture dotted with an extraordinary array of medieval fortresses, Benevento in many ways is a snapshot of Italian history—indeed the birthplace of a rich family legacy. 

The lineage of the cuisine created by this iconic family can be traced back over 400 years. It was in Benevento that the Suppa family developed Silvio’s line of sauces— named after the late Silvio Suppa. This little known company, regarded by critics and diners from all corners of the globe as the “world’s best pasta sauce,” delivers a collection that everyone can enjoy. This, like all of their cuisine, is more than a taste experience—it is a deep cultural dive. 


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